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Top of Swing and Impact Positions

Hello Golf Friends:

This month I'm giving you two drills to improve your top of swing position and impact position.  Take some time doing these two drills and you will improve your distance and accuracy.

In both of these drills we're trying to set and maintain the proper wrist hinge and impact angles.


Drill One:  Hinge Preset Drill

  1. Set up normal address position

  2. Hinge the club up with your wrists until shaft is parallel to the ground (No arm lift... just hinge)

  3. Using your chest, arms, and shoulders, turn back until your lead shoulder is under your chin.  Make sure you stay centered over ball

  4. Initiate downswing with your lead hip, knee, heel, belt buckle (whatever your downswing trigger is AS LONG AS IT IS NOT YOUR UPPER BODY!!!)

  5. Rotate through the shot into a full finish position


Drill Two: Hinge and Hold  ( I call this the other side of the Hinge Preset Drill)

  1. Set up normal address position

  2. Set the hinge motion, turn a little away from target (this is not a full swing drill)

  3. Using your lower body and chest, turn through the ball holding the angle through impact.  You should notice more forward shaft lean, better trajectory, and a cleaner strike at impact.  You will be amazed at how far a little swing can hit a golf ball.


Note:  In the golf swing, the arms never lead!  In the back swing, the chest arms and shoulders turn away together in a connected and fluid motion.  In the down swing, the lower body initiates movement PULLING the chest and then the arms down.  THE ARMS ALWAYS FOLLOW THE BODY ON THE WAY DOWN.  THEY NEVER LEAD!!!!!

Until next month, 

Paul Meyer The Complete Golfer Golf Academy

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