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When I was 8 years old, my dad put me on the ladies' tee of a par 3, gave me a club, and said: "Hit it!" I did, and it inspired in me a passion to play golf.  I've always played golf- for fun and for competition.   Playing golf led me on the search for "The Perfect Swing"  and ultimately set forth my journey to find out everything I could about the golf swing.  With any journey, there are many paths to choose from.  My first path was to play high school and college golf.  Path number two led me to become the golf coach for River Falls, WI High School.   That path lasted 17 seasons and included many great accomplishments for my teams and individuals.   The third path was to take high school golf coaching even further and turn it into professional golf instruction which includes over 20 years of experience and over 20,000 golf lessons conducted. As my knowledge of the game increased I began to take notes and put them together into thoughts, sentences, and paragraphs.  Paragraphs turned into chapters and put me on yet another path to becoming a golf author and writing my golf manual, "The Complete Golfer".  In 2014, I packed up a truck, pulled my car, and left Wisconsin for Tampa, FL to pursue my goals, dreams, and aspirations during a 12-month golf season.  Finally, my current path has been to develop and build my Paul Meyer Golf Academy and full-time golf instruction business at Heritage Isle in Tampa, FL.  I look forward to continuing to spread the game of golf and golf instruction here and wherever else I can.


Amidst these many paths, one road has remained constant- the road of education.  Not only in my own golf education and instruction but also in my 24-year career as a middle school teacher. My career has allowed me to personalize my golf instruction, and my book to reach any individual.  I don't instruct, teach, or write in a one-size-fits-all method.  Each of us has our own learning style, athletic ability, and emotional make-up.  Good teaching and good golf instruction should be tailored to meet the individual's needs and goals.

And now PMGA is coming full circle. Having spent 8 years in Florida and over 6 years building PMGA at Heritage Isles, I have been accepted "Director of Instruction" at White Eagle Golf Club in Hudson, WI. It's time to come home. With over 20,000 lessons given in over 20 years of Golf Instruction, I am excited to reunite with the staff at White Eagle; and with former and new students alike!


Below you will find a link to my videos where you can view many more of my instructional insights.

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