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“Let it swing, Let it Swing; Let it Swing, Let it Swing… These are Paul’s words of Wisdom…. Let it Swwwiiinnnngggg!”

Well, It was an incredibly busy, hot, summer. Finding a bit of time now to finish “Let it Swing”. Over the past 6 months of my instruction I’ve had a huge focus on getting my students to SWING the Club; To FEEL the club head; To feel a sense of CALM in the swing. When they do this they get better results. I’ll restate: “WE SWING THROUGH THE GOLF BALL! NOT HIT AT IT!”

You’ve often heard me refer to BTR vs. STA (Balance, Tempo, Rhythm vs. Stress, Tension, Anxiety) and how BTR is the Umbrella in which all other parts of the golf swing fall under. Without BTR, it is almost impossible to make a swing change… almost impossible to play successful golf. BTR produces Effortless Power. STA produces Powerless Effort!

In their book “Be a Player” Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott refer to Balance, Tempo, and Tension as fundamental components to “Swinging” a golf club. “Balance, Tempo, and Tension are what make your swing and stroke functional on the golf course. It’s the players who are tuned into their BTT who can manage their swings and make adjustments to keep them fluid.” I couldn’t agree more. If it’s raining on your golf swing, You better be able to pull out that BTR/BTT umbrella to restore order!!!!

Balance: Even distribution of weight enabling someone to remain upright and steady (Your ability to swing and hold yourself in golf swing movements and positions…. A balanced finish)

Tempo: The rate of speed of motion or activity; pace ( The rate of speed or pace of your swing )

Rhythm: Movement, fluctuation, or variation marked by the regular recurrence of natural FLOW of related elements (The ability to repeat the speed or pace of your swing in a consistent pattern)

Tension: The state of being stretched TIGHT; mental or emotional strain (That’s the essence of STA!!! Tense muscles are controlling, tight muscles. Tension is the opposite of fluid/loose. Mental and physical TENSION KILL A GOLF SWING! They exist with tight grip pressure, tight forearms, stiff wrists, tense shoulders, holding your breath….) Tension leads to force; which leads to HIT!

Good golf and improving in golf cannot be achieved with poor BTR and too much STA!!!! BTR and BTT are FUNDAMENTAL, CRUCIAL, CRITICAL components to playing your best golf and more consistent golf!

How can we work on BTR/BTT?

You can watch LPGA and PGA golf and see very different Tempos and Rhythms, but you will see very consistent balance from player to player. You will see players “shake out” tension and perform breathing and visualization techniques. They are trying to remain and restore a sense of CALM before they swing. I believe that tempo and rhythm are part of our personality and daily behaviorial patterns. They may vary, but not by much in order to play well. That is the importance of establishing good practice habits and a good PRE-SHOT routine. You have to establish a state of calm prior to hitting your golf shot… in both mind and body. Erase “Helmet Fire and Mind Clutter” and replace it with SEE, FEEL, DO! AND BREATHE!!!!!

Here are my “Go-To” BTR drills:

1. Feet Together

2. 9-3

3. 50 % Full Motion

4. Freezer Drills

I often say in golf we should learn at slow-motion and through mini swings. The four drill swings above work on numerous parts of the swing but also help greatly in sequencing and BTR. All are designed to be done in balance… to develop your best rhythm and sequence.

You can find examples of these drills on my Instagram and Youtube sites. Both at paulmeyergolf.


Paul Meyer

PaulMeyerGolfAcademy at Heritage Isles Golf and Country Club

Tampa, FL

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