The Complete Golfer Golf Academy (CGGA)

Lesson Rates and Packages:  

  • $60 for 1 hour
  • $170 for 3 hours
  • $335 for 6 hours
  • Monthly short game clinics: $10 per person up to 8 students
  • Range balls included with all individual lessons

Additional Services:

  • Video using Hudl Technique available upon request.

Playing Lessons:

  • Subject to course availability.
  • 1 hour and 2 hour packages available.
  • Please contact me for pricing.

Get Into The Game / Tune-Up Package:

  • 4 x 30 minute lessons
  • Great for kids and beginners
  • Great for any golfer looking for a bi-weekly or monthly tune up
  • $125

Full Solution Package:

  • 10 hours of individual and on course instruction tailored to your needs
  • Together, we determine how to best use the 10 hours depending on your individual needs
  • $545
  • Range balls and course fees included
  • Copy of my book: "The Complete Golfer: Reaching Your Ultimate Golf Potential"

Four Hour Full Service 1/2 Day Academy (M-Th only):

  • 1 hour full swing instruction
  • 1 hour short game instruction
  • 2 hours of on course instruction
  • This is a great way to get your swing and short game tuned up and take it to the course to discuss various strategies, course management, and all the nuances of golf that come into play.
  • Prices listed are total package prices; not per player prices and include range balls and course fees.
  • $325 for 2-3 players
  • $360 for 4 players
  • Coupon for a free 30 minute refresher lesson.
  • Copy of my book: "The Complete Golfer: Reaching Your Ultimate Golf Potential"

Options are also available for full day and multiple day academies.  Contact me for pricing.

Groups / Seminars / Event Instruction:

  • Call 813.502.9900 to set up pricing and booking

Group instruction is great for beginners, kids, and a group of people that want to save money, get some basic instruction, and have friends that just want to get out and try something new and different.  If you like it, you can always purchase your own individual package.  I've had experience with up to 10 kids and had a wonderful group of 6-10 women that use to see me in Wisconsin.

Key Skills of My Golf Instruction:

  • Simple and effective communication.
  • Use simple language, methodology, techniques, and sensations to enhance instruction.
  • Experienced teacher with school and golf students of all abilities and ages.
  • Ability to quickly identify students' strengths, weaknesses, and physical and mental faults that need correction.
  • Present my instruction using sound explanation, drills, and methodology, not as a band-aid, but as a permanent solution to the problem.
  • My instruction is creative, innovative, simple and successful.
  • My base teaching philosophy for golf motor movement can be used from putting through driving.

Core Beliefs:

  • Anyone can learn.
  • Anyone can improve.
  • Golf and golf instruction should be fun and rewarding.
  • You do not have to "start over" or digress to get better.  Improvement should be evident from lesson one.
  • All golf students have different physical abilities and learning systems and instruction needs to be tailored to meet each students goals, desires, and abilities.  There is no "one-size-fits-all" method to golf instruction.