"I was searching for instruction and even bit on some heavily advertised national programs ..... bottom line Coach Paul was the answer to my search.  He led me first through a stage of "detox" from generic teaching .... and shortly after led me into large increases in speed / distance / and handicap continues to fall.  I have enjoyed having someone that is trustworthy of making difficult concepts feel simple.
My 9 year old daughter started with him as well this year and I am equally amazed at his ability to help her produce results - expose her talent for the game - both of which has her very excited about the game of golf! 
I recommend any age or gender to surrender your game to the advise of Coach Paul.  He will help you reach your goals!"

-- Timothy Scott, Tampa, FL

I drove 1,600 miles from Minnesota to see Paul! He was the first stop on my way to vacation in Sarasota to get a checkup lesson. Before moving to Tampa three years ago, Paul helped me build a solid swing that resulted in top 10 finishes in two of the past three Minnesota State Senior Amateur tournaments. I had worked with many pros prior to working with Paul, but none with the complete understanding of all aspects of the swing/game with a keen eye to identify the smallest of quirks in a swing. On top of that, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to see Paul. He is an incredible value for anyone looking to improve their game.
— Tom Nordstrom, Woodbury, MN

To whom it may concern:

I took up the game of golf in my early 60’s when I retired to a golfing community so that I could play with my friends. My goal was to at least be good enough not to hold them up on the course. After many lessons from PGA professionals, my game did not improve and I was having less fun because of it.

At 69 I decided to give lessons one more try before giving up and I am glad I did. By luck my wife and I found Paul, scheduled a 3-day session, and we both are very happy that we did.

Rather than try to reinforce the swing fundamentals that work for PGA tour players, Paul recognized my physical limits and worked on improving what I could do, rather than trying to force my body to do things it is no longer able to do. Paul helped me more with the basics than all the PGA pro lessons I’ve had.

Paul’s technique is easy to understand due to his experience as a teacher, and his use of unique examples that make it easier to remember the critical steps to a good swing. Paul is extremely patient and willing to alter his sessions, if needed, to work on the specific areas that are needed the most.

Lastly, and most important, I know he is just a phone call, or video text, away should I need advice or a brush up on my technique. I now consider Paul a friend and wish him great success in his future endeavors and would recommend him to anyone.
— Jim Smith

Paul sent my copy of “The Complete Golfer” for review just prior to my first class trip to Ireland to teach my golf school. Wheels up and pages turning as I read a truly first class account from a successful coach’s perspective. This book is a thorough accumulation of resources and description on playing, winning, and sound mechanics for golf. Paul left no stone unturned in his manual and freely gave nuggets that I, a 30 year professional, sometimes overlook. This book was a refreshing and motivating read. What I took most from this book is how to achieve success, and that was one of the main things I implemented while conducting my golf school in Ireland. Thanks to you Paul! “The Complete Golfer” is first class from cover to cover.
— Cathy Schmidt LPGA

When writing a testimonial you need to persuade the reader you are real, I’m real! Now that is out of the way I will proceed. Paul is exactly what I personally look for in a golf instructor. He has patience, intuition, modern tools, and exudes a love for teaching. I will simply say that I found an instructor that hits for the cycle.
— Jason Mosely Founder of The Tampa Bay Golf Network
Paul Meyer is one of the most exceptional people I have come across. Outside of golf, he is a champion of the people, loves his family, and always is available to help out anyone and everyone. I chat with Paul every single day about golf, life, lessons, etc. and I have never even met Paul in person! He is easy to connect with, easy to understand, and has the ability to explain things in a way that just makes sense.

In regards to golf, Paul has been an invaluable member and moderator of ProSwingTips Facebook Group. This group was initially created to bring golfers together who love the game, want to get better, and learn from better players and professional instructors. Paul has been the most involved professional instructor we have in the group. His advice, video lessons, and instruction are sought after from every group member including myself. The group would not be where it is today without Paul. I am very excited to finally meet Paul in person this year and sneak a lesson or two in. I would highly encourage any golfer, at any level, to seek out Paul Meyer to lower their scores and meet a great person.
— Derek Levine, Admin of ProSwingTips Facebook Group

Last week in Florida, I took vacation to see one of my best friends Blake and also first meet Paul Meyer, who had critiqued my swing many times on here before we finally got to meet. I remember him saying, all I need is an hour with you. Of course when I was going to Tampa he told me to come to his place for some lessons! After two days of lessons, about two hours, and many rounds of golf, I returned home and played a round today.

Little did I know from all I learned from Paul, and kept working on while home, today I shot a 43/39 (82) today! First time ever shooting in the 30’s and best score I’ve ever had in the three years I’ve been playing.

The excitement I have right now is unbelievable. I know I have a lot more to work on, but DAMN this feels great!

This is WHY PST and ALL of you ROCK! That’s what this site is made for and more!

I’m glad that I’m apart of what Derek Levine’s vision is and thankful to have Paul as an instructor.
— Donald Connor, Texas