Why You Should Take A Golf Lesson ... Or Two … Or Three ...

Hello Golf Friends:

Spring seems to be hitting all areas of the country now and I’m sure my northern climate golf friends are enjoying time back on the course!

The above quote demonstrates what I see on the driving range on a daily basis.  I admire the people who are getting out there and getting after it; looking for the magic to surface; beating ball after ball in hopes of acquiring that simple move that sends the ball powerfully and accurately forward. Unfortunately, I seldom see the magic they are searching for come to fruition.  As my Dad says… “They are beating a dead horse”.  And I too, have been known to beat that dead horse!  (Special shout out to Cathy Schmidt, LPGA for getting me to stop beating the dead one and get on a new one!)

Back to that in a minute...

One of the quotes I use with every student is “One of the purposes of taking lessons should be to improve our misses (as golf is not a game of perfection) and the person with the best misses, wins!”  Good misses keep you in play and on the golf course, bad misses put you into golf’s never-never land.  Good misses lower your score, save you money on golf balls, and keep you in the game when you don’t have your best stuff.

In the Master’s,  Jordan Spieth was open and honest about having issues missing right and ultimately, that miss cost him the tournament.  He knew he didn’t have his best stuff and his bad misses reared their ugly head at “Crunch Time”.  WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! WE ALL HIT BAD SHOTS!  I guarantee Jordan went to work with his instructor after the Master’s to iron out the misses! He’ll be fine because he has a great team assembled around him.