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Why Do We Love Golf?

Hello Golf Friends:

My question to you this month is “Why do we love golf?”  I, being a certified golf junkie, get asked this question a lot.  Many of us have a love/hate relationship with this game…. Kind of like my 3 wood!



I don’t know if I have a specific answer to that question but I do know a number of reasons I’m so passionate about it, play it, teach it, grow it.  Through my journey in life since the age of 8 when my dad threw a club in my hands, it has offered me an umbrella to find safety under.  I call it my “Umbrella of Tranquility” in which I find calm and control amidst all the thunderstorms in life’s journey.  Furthermore, as my dad and his buddies continue to play into their mid to late 80’s, I know that I will be covered by this umbrella for many years to come.  It is truly a LIFETIME sport!  Golf has brought to me way more than I can ever give back to it.



My Umbrella

Under every umbrella are the spokes that support it.  These are my spokes that fit under my umbrella.


The Handle

Serenity Now- Tranquility is the handle that holds everything in place.  Golf offers me a place of calm and control.  It allows me freedom to express myself through teaching, playing, and learning.  Being on the range or playing at dusk is one of my greatest joys; just me, my tools, my thoughts.  Golf has been my best friend through some difficult times.


Spoke 1

Family and friendship-  Other than my two best childhood friends, my greatest relationships and friendships are golf buddies.  While I left many of my friends in pursuit of new life experiences in Florida, I have been very lucky to find new golf buddies here.  I have been able to build new business partnerships, network partnerships, and forge new ties with some very great people.  I’m honored to have connected to the Para Golf Network, Pro Swing Tips, and hundreds of others who love talking about golf.  Golf brings family and players of all abilities and backgrounds together.  It is a sport that I can play with my son, my dad, my brother, my nephews.   All of these relationships bring a greater richness to my life.


Spoke 2

Creativity- My passion for golf continues to challenge my right side brain.  It led me to write my book, this blog, and all the other bits and pieces I throw out there about life and learning.  I’m continually learning new ways to teach golf and communicate with students striving to find the best way to learn how to play and improve.  In my own game, it is about seeing, visualizing, and creating the right shot and moment to bring about the desired outcome


Spoke 3

Competition- From my days of junior golf to today, I love to compete.  It tests my physical and mental abilities.  While I’ve experienced many more competitive failures than victories, the continual test of me versus the golf course keeps me hungry to improve with a quest to reach my ultimate golf potential.  Competing in golf doesn’t need to be for huge money either.  That cold beverage won from one of your buddies always tastes just a little colder and a little smoother than one paid for out of your own pocket!


Spoke 4

Opportunity- Everything I’ve stated above is an opportunity.  It has led me to a new career path, one that I’ve always wanted a realistic chance to commit to and take advantage of.  Golf offers many opportunities in business through network and business partnerships.  Many business deals have been closed over a round of golf.  It offers an avenue for junior golfers to play and compete in High School, College, and beyond.  It offers adults a break in the hustle and bustle of life; a chance to reduce stress, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the course you choose to play.


Those are the spokes that support my “Golf Umbrella”.  I’ve been lucky.  That umbrella has never turned inside out in the wind, ripped a seam, or folded in the face of a thunderstorm.

One of my main goals in golf is to grow the game and get more people out playing and enjoying their time on the range and the course.

So … WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT GOLF?  Why do you play the game?  What would fit under your umbrella?

In writing this, my goal is to share all of the positive experiences I’ve had with golf in my life hoping that would ignite someone who wouldn’t normally play to play; someone who seldom plays to play more; and for those of you that play often, to invite someone new to the game and share with them all your reasons WHY YOU LOVE GOLF!

Until Next Month,

Paul The Complete Golfer Golf Academy

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