Why Do We Love Golf?

Hello Golf Friends:

My question to you this month is “Why do we love golf?”  I, being a certified golf junkie, get asked this question a lot.  Many of us have a love/hate relationship with this game…. Kind of like my 3 wood!

I don’t know if I have a specific answer to that question but I do know a number of reasons I’m so passionate about it, play it, teach it, grow it.  Through my journey in life since the age of 8 when my dad threw a club in my hands, it has offered me an umbrella to find safety under.  I call it my “Umbrella of Tranquility” in which I find calm and control amidst all the thunderstorms in life’s journey.  Furthermore, as my dad and his buddies continue to play into their mid to late 80’s, I know that I will be covered by this umbrella for many years to come.  It is truly a LIFETIME sport!  Golf has brought to me way more than I can ever give back to it.

My Umbrella

Under every umbrella are the spokes that support it.  These are my spokes that fit under my umbrella.