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What Kind Of Golfer Are You?

In my book,” The Complete Golfer”, I outline various stages of personal golf evolution that each of us can go through depending on commitment, time, ability, desire.  None of these stages are any worse or better than the other; except for maybe the difference in golf ability at various stages.  The important thing is that, no matter what stage you’re at you need to have fun playing.   Golf is a game; meant to be fun and enjoyable.  However, If you desire to advance a few stages, you must also have the desire to work harder and commit yourself to more practice, more focus, and maybe a few more dollars for instruction, range balls, and equipment.  In order to get better we can’t do the same routine over and over again, and we certainly can’t continue to practice in the wrong direction.

The Stages of Personal Golf Evolution

  • Novice/beginner: basically starting from scratch

  • Social Golfer:  enjoys being with friends, talking and getting caught up, and the beautiful scenery and fresh air

  • The Business Golfer:  realizes that many business opportunities can be made on the course; wants to walk the walk and talk the talk

  • Weekend Warrior:  no time during the week; hustles to the course on weekends to hit a few balls, a few putts and tee it up with his buddies

  • The League Golfer:  has some time to practice; plays a couple times a week; has had a few lessons from a local pro or buddy who is a good golfer;  still has the burning desire to compete

  • The Serious Golfer:  practices a few hours a week; has a few golf books, DVD’s and You Tube sites to learn about golf; has taken moderate instruction; plays in some tournaments;  Can walk the walk and talk the talk;  believes she/ he can always get better; would like to have more time to work at it

  • The Competitive Golfer:  devotes the time and energy to prepare for tournament golf; it is a part of who he is; has analyzed and taped his swing and compared his positions to others; has had considerable instruction;  has goals and dreams to be a true tournament player

Which stage of Personal Golf Evolution are you at?

More importantly, Which stage would you like to get to?  Which stage is the most realistic given your circumstances?  No golfer has to, or can expect to go quickly through the stages.  Set goals, make targets, and work your way to a more advanced evolution.  Make the process fun, make it exciting, reward yourself for achievements and learn from digressions.  Focus on the journey and process of improvement on your way to becoming a “Complete Golfer”.

Paul Meyer Heritage Isles Golf & Country Club Tampa FL

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