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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Hello Golf Friends:

This summer in Tampa proved to be extremely busy.  I Lost my writing flow.  Then came September rains; a move to a new home; and prep for Irma.  So finally getting back to sharing some thoughts; some golf; some observations…. On golf.

I picked up a new student towards late summer just prior to him going to play his freshman year at a college in Tennessee.  As I write this he has finished 8th in his first event two weeks ago and shot a pair of 69’s this weekend.  Leader still out on the course I guess.  None the less… 138 is pretty tasty!

We did some swing work.  We did some short game work.  My goal in the time I had was to simplify, simplify, simplify!

Here is the last text I sent him prior to leaving for his college career:

  1. Golf is a game of mistakes and misses.  Improve your misses.

  2. Accept the outcome before you play a shot.  It makes it easier to deal with your next shot.

  3. Keep your swing simple and focus on tempo in competition.

  4. Play golf like a puzzle; one piece at a time.

  5. Compete during practice.  Find a challenge or drill that gets you engaged in the process. 

  6. Trust your talent.

  7. Trust yourself and your judgement.

  8. Trust all the work you’ve done in your life.

  9. Manage the course; don’t let the architect outsmart you.

  10. Stay in the present; present minded focus… not what was; not what is to  come; only what is now.

  11. You play for yourself; internally… and against the golf course.  No one and nothing else matters in golf.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, playing golf is not just swing related.   Learning, taking lessons, method improvement is swing related.  Trust your instructor; trust your method and practice with a purpose.  Your instruction and practice is very important to your trust on the course.  You can’t just go out and slap balls on the range and expect to play well!!!!

Most people just don’t trust themselves on the golf course.  They look at hazards and obstacles instead of “The Field” as Bagger Vance suggested!

See the course as a puzzle.  Advance your golf ball piece by piece; but just one piece at a time! 


Until Next Month,

Paul Meyer The Complete Golfer Golf Academy 813.502.9900

PS:  check me out on PROSWINGTIPS MOBILE GOLF INSTRUCTION APP for a lesson.  You’ll get way more than your money’s worth!

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