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Play Better Golf Now!

Hello Golf Friends:

While there are very few magical “Quick Fixes” in golf, there are a number of things that you can do in the short term to improve your game.  Now, notice I said “improve”!  As a golf instructor, I believe that the most solid way to fix your game is to invest the time and resources into lessons including work on the range, short game, and on the course to improve strategy and course management

This month I want to offer you a few ideas on how you can improve in the short term.  Sure, some of these cost money but there are also numerous ways you can improve without spending a dime.


  1. Get fitted for the right clubs and shaft.  I see way too many golfers with the wrong equipment.  They have stiff shafts when they should have regular.  They have a 9.5 degree driver when they should have an 11.5.  They have standard lie angles when they should be 2 degrees up… and so on.  Having the right equipment is essential to golf improvement.

  2. Find the correct golf ball for your swing speed.  A “Tour” ball may not be the right fit for you.  You can refer to a previous blog I wrote regarding golf ball selection.  Finding the right compression ball is crucial to optimizing distance and may save you money.

  3. Play the correct tees.  Time to check the ego!  If you are not a single digit handicap you should not be playing the “Championship” Tees.  “Play it forward”, make more birdies, lose fewer golf balls, and enjoy the game more!

  4. Take a series of lessons.  Taking some lessons and learning what and how to practice is the NUMBER ONE way to improve.  Stop wasting your range sessions practicing the wrong things.  You may refer to a previous blog I wrote on “Why you should take a lesson”.

  5. Master the “Scoring Zone”. Over half of our shots are with our wedges and putter.  The quickest way to lower your score is by improving your short game.

  6. Make limited practice time, quality practice time.   Learning how to practice is crucial.  All too often I see the same people on the range practicing the same wrong things only to further ingrain bad habits.  60-70% of your time should be spent on your wedges and putter.  Find drills to work on grip, balance, tempo and rhythm, swing sequence, and alignment.  Smashing a bucket of drivers will never help you!  Having the correct fundamentals (grip, alignment, stance, posture) will improve many of your golf issues.

  7. Develop a consistent Pre-Shot routine.   Make it a habit to do the same thing before every shot with an easy, quick system to get you ready to hit the shot.  If you watch golf on TV or the best players at your club, you will see them go through the same pre-shot routine before every shot.

  8. Learn how to control your emotions and breathing.  Developing a calm mind and body is a must to golf improvement.  There are so many great books and audio books that focus on how to improve your thought process and emotional process on the course.  In my book, The Complete Golfer: Reaching Your Ultimate Potential I spend pages and pages on emotional golf.  I also recommend Bob Rotella, Gio Valiente, Robert Winters, Joseph Parent, Michael Lardon, and Steven Yellin.

  9. Don’t get stuck on swing thoughts.  Develop sensations and feelings of what you want your swing to look like and feel like.  In my opinion, thoughts block the brain and cause tension.  Sensations allow natural flow and rhythm.

  10. Last, but certainly not least…. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR ABILITY.  Improving your commitment, your confidence, your composure and your attitude will help build a better path to golf improvement.


Until next month,

Paul Meyer The Complete Golfer Golf Academy

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