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Out with the Old and in with the 2017 what will you do?

In 2016 I decided to give up a 24 year professional education career and pursue my lifelong dream of golf instruction full time.  While I knew it would be a great challenge to build a business from scratch in Florida… it was time to follow my heart and my gut and put what my brain said in the background.  Like standing over a golf shot and thinking “See, Feel, Do”  that is how I wanted to approach life at 50 years old.  My goal was to build “The Complete Golfer Golf Academy” into an established and respected golf school in Tampa; In Florida; In the United States; in The World.  Go Big or Go Home… Right?  While most of the world doesn’t know me; while much of the U.S. doesn’t know me... The CGGA is growing in and around Tampa and my role as Moderator/Instructor on Proswingtips has introduced me to a small, but global audience.  My association with Heritage Isles Golf and Country Club in Tampa, FL has been a huge blessing and I’m so thankful for the opportunity they’ve given me.  Furthermore, it’s impossible to build a business without clients and I’m thankful to the people that have trusted me with their golf games, life stories, friendship while I look forward to many new clients and business opportunities in 2017.


Like any other goals we make, building my business has been a process.  I have my “Big Picture” goals and vision for TCGGA (A process I refer to as Survive, Save, Flourish).  I know where I want to take my business in the long run.  But adherence to my short term goals is more important.  What I do lesson to lesson, day to day, month to month keeps my focus on the small goals that will lead me to my “Big Picture” goals and vision.  Like the journey of becoming a better golfer, building TCGGA has been filled with bogies and birdies; bunkers and fairways; chip-ins and 3 wiggles.  The highs and lows we experience in golf, we experience in life.  Every journey has them and my best advice is “See, Feel, Do” and continue on your path!

In my simple brain, goals are nothing more than a series of measurements.  They are incremental in task, monumental in focus! What I mean by that is that they are a series of steps; sometimes back or to the side but always striving to move forward in the journey. Completion of goals and tasks are a series of snapshots in attaining the “Big Picture” on our path to success.  We may have to change the light; the lens; the filter; the setting and do some retakes but we continue to take those snapshots until we get just the image we want!  At the end of the day, in my golf game or my business, I ask myself:  What worked? What didn’t work? What did I learn?  What can I do better tomorrow?  Because tomorrow is the next snapshot in fulfilling the big picture!

What are your goals for 2017? Do you have short term and long term goals? Do you have a system in place to achieve them? Are you committed to achieving them? Do you have a plan to move forward every day? How will you measure your goal achievement?

In my book, The Complete Golfer: Reaching Your Ultimate Golf Potential, I discuss goal setting.  It’s golf related but I believe it can be translated to whatever you are working on by changing a few words.

  • Players who have goals (a vision and dream of what they want and see themselves doing) generally outperform those without goals.  In golf, goals make our practice and preparation purposeful, focused, and of higher quality.  Goals are targets that guide us to better preparation and a stronger performance.  Goals need to be measureable, attainable, and changeable depending on circumstances. 

  • At the start of every season; every quarter; every business cycle, you should make a list of goals that you want to accomplish in the short run that will benefit you and lead to attainment of your long range goals.

Goals of Goal Setting

  • Make goals specific and reachable; they can be difficult but not unrealistic and impossible

  • Goals that you set for yourself or more motivational than goals set for you by someone else.  This provides you ownership of the goals. However, working with a mentor/ coach/confidant can be very beneficial in the setting and achievement process

  • Goals need to be positive with a system laid out to achieve them.  They should be formed in “I can or I will” statements

  • Goals should be process oriented:  “ In order to play my best golf, I will spend 60% of practice time on short game/scoring shots; 30% on irons; 10 % on driver (divide that over 100 balls or 60 minutes of practice time).  I will take one lesson a week for the next 6 weeks to make my practice more purposeful and focused”.  OR… In order to achieve ______________ I will devote this hour/day/week/month to completing ____________________.  If I stick to this plan, I know I will have reached my goal because _____________________.

  • Goals can be measured in increments or steps

  • Long term (Big Picture) goals are great.  But they can’t be attained without completing the short term goals first

  • Complete specific tasks and training that will help you achieve your goals

  • Positively reinforce yourself as much as possible.  Use positive self-talk.  Don’t let the setbacks stand in the way of your ultimate journey

  • Write your goals down and revisit them every day. Make a checklist of accomplishments.  Keep a journal to chart your progress.


So, as 2017 is upon us, take some time to look at what you want in your professional and personal life.  Make a plan, and as former President George Bush said“Stay the Course!”

Cheers to a happy, prosperous, fulfilling 2017!

Until next month,

Paul Meyer The Complete Golfer Golf Academy 813.502.9900

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