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My Favorite Training Aids

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Hello Golf Friends:

My son, Jake said to me the other day… “Dad, you should write a blog on your favorite training aids”.  I thought that was a really good idea.  So here it is.  If you follow me on Instagram at paulmeyergolf, you can see the many uses I have for various training aids and how to implement them.

I have some simple requirements for a training aid that I put into practice for myself or my students. I take many hours studying training aids before I put them into practice.  I need to make sure I know how it works so that I can best explain how to use it and why.  I go into each product website or you tube site and look at the demo videos, then I practice with it. 

The purpose of any training aid should be to give us a proper feel or sensation of a movement we are trying to improve in our golf swing.  THEY DON’T FIX THE ISSUE!  THE GOLFER FIXES THE ISSUE! They are designed as an aid to help us improve the chain of events in the golf swing.  The more we use them; the more reinforcement we get; the more feel and sensation we get to make the proper move in the swing.

My Requirements of training aids:

  1. Price: If I can’t afford it; I don’t introduce it to my students

    • There are many great training aids.  I have a budget so when I find one I want to use I just work to set aside the money to purchase it.

  2. Ease:  The training aid needs to be user friendly and portable

    • All but one training aid I use fits into my “Golf Gadget Duffle Bag”

    • I prefer the aid to one that can be used at home as well

  3. Effective:  The training aid needs to actually work; not some gimmick that says it will work

  4. Flexibility: Does the training aid work on multiple swing/putting issues = more bang for your buck

I think I’ll start with my homemade/ultra cheap training aids:

1. Alignment rods, noodles, buckets, and spray paint

  • These help build great practice stations for path/plane, alignment.  I have a multitude of drills that I incorporate these simple and affordable aids.  They help me teach alignment, cure faults such as Over the Top or the opposite of a flat/ too into out swing plane. 

2. The Orange Ball

  • Any dodge ball or soccer ball… even a lighter medicine ball is great to use to feel the swinging motion.  Most of my students make beautiful “ball” swings.  The key is to translate the ball swing into the real swing (as is the purpose of most training aids)

  • I wrote an extensive blog in December 2015  on how to do the ball drill

  • I also use it when I implement the “Two Cheeks to the Wall” drill for posture retention during the swing.

  • It is great for connection and tying the movement of the body… chest, arms, shoulders.. together.

3. Face Angle Magnet

  • This is a contraption I made on my own based on other products.

    • The magnet attaches to the face of the club; has a wooden dowel with a ball attached to it.  It gives a great visual of a “square to path” takeaway in full swing and chipping and pitching.  It helps to promote the movement of the chest, arms, shoulders working together as one as we start the club back.

Purchased Products: 

I shop at; Tourstriker (Martin Chuck); and on the various product websites that are not mass marketed.  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions on training aids!

1. Watson Hanger at Really great tool to feel what the hands and arms need to do in the swing.  I have used it for full swing and it’s phenomenal for chipping and pitching.  If you use it correctly; you will feel no flip at impact.  It teaches the hands and arms what to do in the swing.

  • By the way… I’ve purchased 4 of them.  My students keep buying them from me!!!

2. Swingclick: I love this tool!  I use it to get me deeper into my backswing and to help my transition.  It attaches to my lead forearm.  When I get to my full pivot I hear a click (little ball dropping) and then I go.  Has made a huge difference in my transition.

3. The 5 Footer: You can use if for full swing help.  I use it for my students with putting and chipping.  It is a great tool for teaching path. 

4. Madskills Chipping and Putting line: I call it the “Snake” for my juniors.  We work on path and especially distance for chipping and putting.  In putting it allows us to learn how to  measure our stroke for various distances.  Great tool for pace and path.

5. Teeclaw:  Teeclaw has a great product if you are using mats to hit off; hitting indoors.  You have to check them out!

Note:  I really love the visual and linear feedback for the the 5footer and Madskills product.  Both help with short game alignment and path as well as distance.

My Christmas list of other products I’m looking at in my affordable range. 

Note:  Rick Marcy has a product called SMARTBALLGOLF.   Great feedback for getting the low point in your swing.  Check it out. 

Also:  You have to consider your physical conditioning!  You need to be strong; flexible; dynamic.  But I’ll save that for another blog!!!!  Just go ahead and order your “Power Fan” at and get it going!

Well, there you have it.  So many great training aids I’d love to have that serve a purpose to playing better golf.  But, like you, I have a budget and work with what I have.  If I can make it; I do it.  If not, I save to buy it.  But, make sure you check out the website; the reviews; and make sure it’s the right tool for you!


Until Next Month,

Paul Meyer The Complete Golfer Golf Academy 813.502.9900

PS:  check me out on PROSWINGTIPS MOBILE GOLF INSTRUCTION APP for a lesson.  You’ll get way more than your money’s worth!

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