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Make Your Dream Your Mission

Hello Golf Friends:

Mindset and Achievement are two major ingredients in the recipe for success.   There are many contributing factors in becoming successful including character, effort, vision, goals, determination, and even luck. In this month’s blog I want to talk about what I think is the perfect addition to mindset and achievement: DREAMS!

I remember being a kid and going to the local circus that would travel from town to town.  It was a one ring circus.  It was fun.  But I wasn’t awed or wowed by it.  Then I graduated to the two ring circus.  It was double the fun, faster moving, more acts, and more snacks.  When I was in fifth grade we went to Ringling’s Barnum and Bailey Circus for a school trip in St. Paul, MN.  Thousands of people; three rings; constant action!  This is the one I really remember.  Why? Because it built on what I already knew and created a greater, more meaningful, and deeper experience.  All three rings working together to produce a grand result!

Mindset and achievement can be a great two ring circus.  But what if we throw in that third ring?  Can we make it an awesome circus?  In my awesome three ring circus I combine Mindset, Achievement, and DREAMS!  Each one good in itself, but working together can make something truly extraordinary.

I recently came across a quote by T.E. Lawrence:

Well, my eyes are wide open as I pursue the dream of “The Complete Golfer Golf Academy”.  That dream may soon become a reality so I can start my career as a “Full-time” Teaching Professional with my own golf school.  The rings are coming together to build my circus. I’m very excited for this next phase of my life.  And I look forward to continuing to add the 4th and 5th rings down the road.

Right now, today, this minute; I hope you are working on pursuing your dreams and aspirations; of achieving your ULTIMATE POTENTIAL!

I created a cheap and personal recipe that I’ve followed the last few years to arrive at this point and these are my ingredients:    Vision + Hard Work + Faith + Hope + Trust = TCGGA

Vision:  The picture you have in your mind of what you want to be/do/accomplish (Your Utopia- Your Circus)

Hard Work:  The effort you put in to complete the rings in your circus

Faith: Faith in myself

Hope: Hope in my future

Trust: Trust in my decisions

When I encounter a bump in the road I just go back to my recipe; determine if it is in my control and the power I have over it; and the best process to move past it.

  • What about your circus?  Are you developing a recipe for success?  Are you seeing and creating all the little acts to complete your rings that will build your own extraordinary circus

  • Have you found your recipe for success and are you being patient and persistent in completing the stages to your own personal and professional fulfilment?

  • Are you a Dreamer? Do you have a vision?  Are you developing the mindset and achievement process to realize those dreams?

Whew!  Lots of questions I ask.  But I think these are all very important thoughts and questions you need to ask yourself to reach your potential.  You may think that this is all too deep for golf .  BUT IT’S NOT!  Whether you are trying to break 100, 90, 80, 70 for the first time or trying to reduce the number of three-putts per round you need to have a system in place to do so.  You need to build the mindset, establish the achievement process, and go for your goals and dreams.

I gave a lesson to a young man about 6 weeks ago.  He just started playing golf and had no clue what to do.  I asked him what he wanted out of the lesson series.  “I just want to get the ball in the air!” he responded.  That is one of the simplest goals I’ve ever worked with!  By the end of the lesson he was hitting the ball in the air!  Two weeks later he made 4 pars in one round and shot 105.  His new goal is to break 100.  Every week he comes to me with a new mini-goal in pursuit of his ultimate goal.  And when he achieves that goal, I’m sure the next goal will be to break 90.   I had another friend that recently broke 100 after her two year quest.  She asked me what her next goal should be.  I told her to break 100 consistently and not get discouraged on a bad day and that her next number should be 95 consistently and then to set a vision goal at breaking 90.  She said…. “Oh, I really like that idea”.

As a competitive golfer, I’m aspiring to shoot in the 60’s on a more consistent basis in competition.  I have the talent, work ethic and practice habits, and knowledge to do it.  However, I need to develop the mindset and confidence to do it.  Not all the rings are assembled yet for that circus to come to town.

In Conclusion:

Make your dream your mission.  Combined with the proper mindset and achievement process you are on your way to realizing your potential.  Create your recipe for success and stick to the ingredients that you know will get you there.  Have your vision; dream your dream; think big; pursue; and make your dream a reality.

Paul Meyer Heritage Isles Golf & Country Club Tampa FL

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