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Chipping and Pitching

Hello Golf Friends

For many of you, the season is drawing to a close due to wintery weather.  My niece in Wisconsin sent me pics today of snow covered ground and cars.  I never liked winter.  I guess that’s why I now live where I live!!!  I tried to never leave a golf club out of my hands too long when I lived in Packer/Badger land.  I hit the simulators and indoor facilities; used my swing fan; practiced putting and chipping during the winter months.  YOU CAN TOO!  Hopefully, this month’s blog gives you something to think about and work on in your off months or in your continued practice.

I never said golf was easy.  However, I do believe there are numerous ways to make it more simple.  This month I’m going to give you my simple keys to chipping and pitching.  No fancy flops!  Just get it up and down!  You can see the whole video on my youtube or Instagram page.  Both are titled “Paulmeyergolf


Start Left

At set up you want your weight on your front leg and foot also known as your lead side.  I say “start left” because I’m a righty.  I have about 70% of my weight on my lead leg.  This is important because we want a downward strike on the ball; we want to pinch it against the turf.

Ball position is just slightly back of middle with a narrow stance

Notice the structure of my arms and how they form a lower case “y"

Stay Le

As I take my backswing, I’m keeping my weight on my lead side.  There is no lateral movement; no slide or sway.  AND VERY LITTLE HINGING MOTION!!!!! The lower body is quiet and I’m basically just turning the “y” together (chest, arms, shoulders).

I tell my students to take enough backswing so they don’t have to jab at the ball to make it go… and to not take too much backswing so they don’t decelerate on the shot. My weight remains on my lead side through impact.  No falling back

Hold The Letter "y"

By holding your “y” position you are creating shaft lean at impact reducing wrist/ flip action.  If your are wristy or flippy, you’re timing has to be perfect or you’ll skull it or hit it fat.The handle leads the club head (the club head never passes the hands). The handle actually works up and to the lead pocket through/post impact.  This allows the clubhead to stay low and PASS through the ball. In the picture you can see the high trajectory I get on a short pitch with very little hinge and my triangle is in tact.


Except for a putt, every swing in golf has pivot… or rotation.  Your forward pivot allows the “y” to stay in tact.  If your body pivot/rotation stop, your hands and arms will overtake the action and enhance your changes of wristy and flippy.

In my chipping and pitching I work to stay very connected.  Chest, arms, shoulders working together + pivot… to make it all come together for the crisp click of clubface on ball.


So when you practice think this mantra:


Until Next Month,

Paul Meyer The Complete Golfer Golf Academy 813.502.9900

PS:  check me out on PROSWINGTIPS MOBILE GOLF INSTRUCTION APP for a lesson.  You’ll get way more than your money’s worth!

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