5 P's To Success In Golf

Hello Golf Friends

I Haven’t been able to write in a while.  The busy season in Florida has been busy!    When I started this venture full time almost two years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  So being busy is a very good thing!

Like most of you, I continue to learn, develop, adapt, and apply what I know about golf.   It’s a continuing process of growth and development.   There is NO PERFECTION in golf.  It’s a process of learning and applying; of practicing and implementing.   Those who stick to the process, show patience, and practice will improve the fastest.  Their improvements will become more permanent.  Those that are RESULT driven are looking too far ahead.  Believe in the process and the result will come.


My good friend Abs Mawji reminded me of this quote and I believe it for the most part.  Like any learning, true retention comes over time.  We have crammed for tests and finals; pulled all-nighters.   But those are just “Test Survival” skills.  The information is not retained.  Similarly, applying a “Band-Aid” to your golf swing will not last a long time.  It is a fix for a round or two and then it goes away.   And WE HAVE ALL APPLIED band-aids from time to time to survive a round…. Me included!


One of the things I tell every student is “BELIEVE IN THE PROCESS OF IMPROVEMENT!”  I don’t believe in applying band-aids with my students.  On occasion, a student will come for a ONE AND DONE lesson.   In that case I give them one or two things that will help them.  One Tune-Up lesson can certainly help! I prefer working with students over time for a number of lessons.  The constant reinforcement, application of drills, discussion, Q and A all help establish better routines and permanence.   And routine, repetition are SO important in golf!.  In education we called it chunking;  learning the pieces before the whole.  Learning the grip, stance, take away, backswing, transition, rotation, pivot, connection, impact, bends and tilts, wrist conditions, finish…. There is so much to the golf swing because every body part is moving!   To try and fix everything in one session is nearly impossible.  But over time the chunking (not fat shots!!!!!) leads us to the whole which is  a more consistent, repeatable golf swing and better overall golf game.

As an instructor, my job is to provide the diagnosis and analysis of swing  and short game issues.  Then to prepare a process of improvement that will lead to better golf results… more distance, tighter dispersion, more center face contact, better balance and so on.  

The student’s job is to take the time and direction to LEARN, to APPLY the process of the lesson in their own practice sessions.   Improvement takes practice; it takes time on the range and in the short game area.  It takes time swinging in the yard or the garage.  It takes repetition of the correct movements over and over to begin to form NEW HABITS.  New habits will lead to more consistency and permanence.  .  I DON’T BELIEVE ANYONE HAS TO GET WORSE BEFORE THEY GET BETTER!  WHO WOULD WANT TO DO THAT!!? 


I also share the 5 P’s to success in golf with my students:


And the “P” that all of those fall under is PROCESS

When you incorporate the 5 P’s you will notice continued improvement over time.  You will notice greater consistency.  You will begin to see greater results.  When you truly commit to the process and routine of learning, a whole new golf world can open up to you!

So remember, improvement in golf is a two way street: Instruction and learning.   When you take a lesson or two or more… open up to the Process of improvement.   But be patient with change and take the time to incorporate it into your routines.  Always practice with a purpose. 

Until Next Month,

Paul Meyer
The Complete Golfer Golf Academy

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