When I was 8 years old, my dad put me on the ladies tee of a par 3, gave me a club, and said "Hit it!" I did; and it inspired in me a passion to play golf.  I've always played golf- for fun and for competition.  Playing golf led me on the search for "The Perfect Swing" and ultimately set forth my journey to find out everything I could about the golf swing.



Are you a “complete golfer”? Do you want to reach your true golf potential? Whether you are an accomplished player or a weekend warrior, “The Complete Golfer” will improve your game.

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A blog about all things golf.  We will explore all facets of the game.  Discussions about the swing, equipment, instruction, courses, fitness, thinking and anything else golf related.

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Paul is a moderator and frequent commentator.

ProSwingTips is a place where amateur golfers can post their swings, get feedback, and hopefully knock strokes off their score.  There is going to be tons of advice, tips, and tricks from us all....and if something ends up helping you, that is badass.

Paul sent my copy of “The Complete Golfer” for review just prior to my first class trip to Ireland to teach my golf school. Wheels up and pages turning as I read a truly first class account from a successful coach’s perspective. This book is a thorough accumulation of resources and description on playing, winning, and sound mechanics for golf. Paul left no stone unturned in his manual and freely gave nuggets that I, a 30 year professional, sometimes overlook. This book was a refreshing and motivating read. What I took most from this book is how to achieve success, and that was one of the main things I implemented while conducting my golf school in Ireland. Thanks to you Paul! “The Complete Golfer” is first class from cover to cover.
— Cathy Schmidt LPGA